First English film made in Sikkim.

Two youth of Sikkim have made a genuine attempt to do the most challenging thing that is to make a feature film. This 24 minutes short film is the first initiative in the state of Sikkim. Directed by Prashant Rasaily with Ajay Pradhan as an executive producer Myth is a short English feature film about a brother and a sister, who go on trekking towards West Sikkim.

As they move on, they are told by an old man not to harm the peaceful environment. But ignoring him, it all ends up to the death of the brother by a strange scary human looking creature.

Totally shot in different areas of West Sikkim, the film is purely dedicated to the preservation of environment. The duo, Ajay Pradhan and Prashant Rasaily, had an idea of making “Myth” when they saw the natural scenic beauty of Sikkim and thought of promoting it.

Though not professionals, the duo have created a niche for themselves. In the near future, they are planning for few more interesting ventures. They have two projects in the pipeline. First is a film based on the culture of Sikkim in the ‘bhutia’ language, and the other one is a silent movie.


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