Sikkim 40 Block Community Portals


S.NO District Name CIC Name URL
1 East Disrict Assam Lingzey
2 East Disrict Duga
3 East Disrict Gangtok
4 East Disrict Pacheykhani
5 East Disrict Pakyong
6 East Disrict Penlong
7 East Disrict Rhenock
8 East Disrict Rongli
9 East Disrict Rumtek
10 East Disrict Samdong
11 East Disrict Sang
12 East Disrict Sichey Busty
13 North District Chungthang
14 North District Hee Gyathang
15 North District Kabi
16 North District Lachen
17 North District Lachung
18 North District Mangan
19 North District Phodong
20 North District Tingbong
21 South District Chakung
22 South District Damthang
23 South District Jorthang
24 South District Namchi
25 South District Namthang
26 South District Ravongla
27 South District Sumbuk
28 South District Temi
29 South District Wak
30 South District Yangang
31 West District Daramdin
32 West District Dentam
33 West District Gyalshing
34 West District Ilee Yangthang
35 West District Kaluk
36 West District Mangalbarey
37 West District Okhray
38 West District Soreng
39 West District Tashiding
40 West District Yoksum

Posted by egovindia on July 2, 2006


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