Silly-Hilly Lingo

Here’s some silly-hilly lingo frm darjeeling/gangtok n’compilation of hills that i’ve managed to gather through my extensive research…hehehe, meant for nepali speaking tourists from nepal and the plains…
well i kno’ there are many more…c’mon our slang vocab is far too many than our real one…so guy’s add-in u’r knowledge so that our people frm the plains feel at home…hope u like it….

Bro’ – Brother/Friend

Aaanch’ – An Unpleasant Expression(the more u stay on a the better)

Aaanch’ Bro’,Raddi Bhayo!!!

Dazu – Elder Brother…different as ‘ts mostly Da’ in drj, n’ Aagya in gtk

Sistrax/Chic – Sister/Girl

Mazaako – Too Good (ooo-yo’ Baini Afthyaaro hain???)
Again,the more u’ emphasise,the better it sounds’

Oooo’ – Sort of Prefix’…
ooo…tyo – that
ooo…tyaan – there

Sunday – Not Happening at all!!!(U’ll hate to be at such receiving end…seriously!!!)
Tyo’ Bahini ta Sunday-na-Sunday raicha!

Dash – Depressed
Bro’ ta break bhetera Dash cha…

Aaambo! – Another Expression of MegaMagnitude Shock!!!
Aaambo!!! Saachi ho???

Picture – Movie

Bad – As in Bad
Samaan harae’ra bad bhairaako cha…

Last – Ultimate
Last try…

Aaaa… – An Nasal Expression to add spice to u’r conversation,
Aaaa….kasto daeko

Laapaax – Dead Drunk’

Lat-tah’-ko – Useless

Raddi’/Ryaag – Don’t do me like that!
Ryaag na garr’ na…

Sacri – Short for Sacrifice (used mostly in dillemma
Lu’ aabo Sacri chalde ko

How’dae’/Tuk’s – Lie
Tuk’s daeko’ po raicha…

Pill’saunu – Miss an oppurtunity
Payae’ko chance pillsai halyo…

Dhurr’ – Stupid!

Random – As in Random

Deadly/O’ber – Extreme (one meaning enough to increase ur vocab.)

Grooby – An Improvisation of Groovy

Chwaank’/Jhin-Chax – Traffic Stopper
Baini ta Chwaank’/Jhin-Chax raicha!!!

Bhain-kar- Too Great (could mean in both positive or negative way)

Sesh – Empty/End

Aaba’ na Chaaba – Without any knowledge (a figure of speech)

Nix – Tobacco

Khattu’ – Liquor

Damm’/Dough – Cash (also slangly referred to as Sa-Pai’)

SOURCE : axertified@sikkimonline


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