DIGIT December Issue: Power OF Five:5th Anniversary

DIGIT December Issue: Power OF Five:5th Anniversary
Five Technology Decades

  Today And Beyond (June 2006)

The current decade is seeing technology driving us rather than the other way round—and we’re happy slaves

  Then The Net Happened (June 2006)

Those of us born around 1980 are fortunate: we witnessed the prime time of tech in the prime of our youth

  Think PC (June 2006)

The PC—as in “personal computer”—is what technology is first associated with. The ’80s was when “PC” began to mean “IBM PC”

  The Plot Thickens (June 2006)

So much happened in the ’70s that if we had to choose a “winner decade” from amongst the five we’re talking about, this would have to be it

  When Mice Were Wooden (June 2006)

It’s clichéd to say we live in a technologically advanced world, but just five decades ago, a mouse was only something a cat chased. It’s all zoomed by us—almost too fast

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Five Tech Shopping-Carts

  Coolness Quotients (June 2006)

Every geek’s dream house has not just a top-of-the-line PC, but also all the gaming consoles and cool gadgets…

  From Wannabe To Legend (June 2006)

Gear for that tough journey

  Gadgetise! (June 2006)

Goodies that make your personal computing experience more… personal

  Keep Talking (June 2006)

The stuff that keeps us going on and on and on

  I Want To Be Entertained… (June 2006)

…that’s what comes to us first when we look at technology for leisure. Let’s take a look at some products out there that will guarantee a smile for you and the family

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Five Technologies That Fell Flat

  (You Can’t) Read My Lips (June 2006)

Voice recognition is a technology of the future. Problem is, it always has been a technology of the future!

  Papierlove (June 2006)

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Document

  Reality Bites… (June 2006)

..especially when you awaken from sweet, Virtual dreams

  “Affordable Broadband”? (June 2006)

Are rulers different in different places? No? Then why is broad band so narrow in India

  Artificial Idiots (June 2006)

The promise of AI has been broken too many times. Will we ever get smart computers?

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Five Technology Desires

  UtopiOS (June 2006)

I never want to bother with drivers or compatibility again. Ever!

  Ultimate Portability (June 2006)

I want to own a device that fits in my pocket and is as powerful as a laptop!

  Betteries (June 2006)

Will someone please give the Energizer Bunny a run for its money?

  Breaking The Bottleneck (June 2006)

I just want a faster PC!

  At The Speed Of Thought (June 2006)

Why can’t computers read my mind?

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Five Tech Experts

  Driving The Digital Home (June 2006)

Donald J. MacDonald Vice President, Digital Home Group, Intel

  New Devices, More Mobility (June 2006)

Pat Gelsinger Senior Vice President General Manager, Digital Enterprise Group, Intel

  Keep It Open (June 2006)

Matthew Szulik CEO and Chairman Red Hat Inc.

  Browsers 2.0 (June 2006)

Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software ASA

  No English Please, We’re Indian (June 2006)

“Within the next five years, we will see a profusion of activity on the Web evolve around Indian-language computing”

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