25 most powerful people in business

Some are empire builders. Others are hired guns. But if they truly have world-class oomph, they’re on Fortune’s subjective – yet really quite accurate – list of the most powerful businesspeople in the world.

Power: A cooling trend

They don’t make powermongers like they used to. The new breed of heavy hitters wields attraction rather than coercion. (More)
1. Steve Jobs Chairman and CEO, Apple

During the first two decades of his remarkable 30-year career, the Apple Inc. founder twice altered the direction of the computer industry. In 1977 the Apple II kicked off the PC era, and the graphical user interface launched by Macintosh in 1984 has been aped by every other computer since. Along the way Jobs conceived of “desktop publishing,” gave the world the laser printer, and pioneered personal computer networks. As a side gig he bankrolled Pixar, which fostered the development of the technology and a brand-new business model for creating computer-animated feature films.

Since returning to Apple in 1997, he has changed the dynamics of consumer electronics with the iPod, and persuaded the music industry, the television networks, and Hollywood to distribute their wares with the iTunes Music Store. With his hugely successful Apple Stores, he gave the big-box boys a lesson in high-margin, high-touch retailing. And this year, at the height of his creative and promotional powers, Jobs orchestrated Apple’s entry into the cellular telephone business with the iPhone.

That’s five industries that Jobs has upended – computers, Hollywood, music, retailing, and wireless phones. At this moment, no one has more influence over a broader swath of business than Jobs.

–Brent Schlender

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The power of Steve Jobs

The charismatic Apple founder pioneered several industries, made an unrivaled comeback, and established a powerhouse brand, placing him at the top of Fortune’s 2007 Power 25 list. (More)

This is the full list, in the correct order:

01. Steve Jobs

02. Rupert Murdoch

03. Lloyd Blankfein

04. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergei Brin

05. Warren Buffett

06. Rex Tillerson

07. Bill Gates

08. Jeff Immelt

09. Katsuaki Watanabe

10. A.G. Lafley

11. John Chambers

12. Li Ka-shing

13. Lee Scott

14. Lakshmi Mittal

15. Jamie Dimon

16. Mark Hurd

17. James McNerney

18. Marius Kloppers

19. Steve Schwarzman

20. Carlos Slim

21. Steve Feinberg

22. Indra Nooyi

23. Ratan Tata

24. Bob Iger

25. Bernard Arnault


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