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10 mobile games trends for 2008

10 mobile games trends for 2008

10 mobile games trends for 2008 source from

Advertising-supported games

2008 is the year when advertisers will dive in to the mobile games world. It’s already happening to some extent ?

this week, mobile advertising firm Greystripe announced that 1.4 million ad-supported games had been downloaded from

its GameJump portal in just four months, for instance. But in 2007, there’ll be a lot more publishers, and a lot

more advertisers, looking to reduce the price of mobile games through some form of ads.

Is this a good thing? It’s a natural development ?think of the way commercial TV channels are funded by ads ?and it

could help mobile developers and publishers cope with rising development costs without jacking up the prices we pay.

But there are concerns too. Will advertisers expect creative input into games too? Will it lead to a glut of rubbish

free games with ads slapped in? It’s simply too early to tell.

2 Get set for D2C

What’s D2C? It might sound like a novelty ’80s rave act, but it actually stands for Direct To Consumer. What it

means is mobile games publishers selling games directly to you, rather than just through the mobile operator


Why should you care, if the games cost the same? It’s a fair question. But as publishers set up D2C sites, it could

make for a better experience browsing and buying mobile games.’s new Connect application, which

we wrote about recently, is a good example, being an iTunes-style application that lets you check out new games,

view demos and then easily buy and download them. Expect to see other publishers follow suit next year, while other

firms (for example Mpowerplayer in the US) try to bring a number of publishers’ games together in one application.

And D2C can mean other ways of buying mobile games too. For example, EA Mobile bosses have talked about their desire

to sell mobile games in high-street games shops.


?Next-generation N-Gage

N-Gage is dead! Long live N-Gage! 2008 will see the debut of Nokia’s long-awaited next move in mobile gaming, which

in short involves putting its N-Gage technology in a host of multimedia handsets, for example its N-Series phones.

We got a few hints at what this’ll mean when we checked out Nokia’s stand at this year’s E3 show, and from our

recent interview with the company’s games boss Jaakko Kaidesoja.

The games will be attractively 3D, boast cool connected and community features, and will be purchasable directly

from your handset. We can’t wait to see what Nokia comes out with, and rest assured you’ll be able to read about the

latest games and news in our N-Gage section throughout 2008.


More connectivity and multiplayer

As we bemoaned in our recent look back at 2006, Europe was a bit rubbish for mobile game connectivity this year.

This will improve in 2008, as operators get their acts together to enable game developers to include community and

multiplayer features, and also launch unlimited-data tariffs so that we don’t end up paying through the nose if we

play online.

Our hope is that by the end of 2008, there’ll be a healthy bunch of connected games available in Europe, although

this doesn’t have to be full live multiplayer. One game we’d love to see come out here is Gamevil’s Path Of A

Warrior, for example.

We’ve even heard rumours that some UK operators may consider launching their own mobile gaming communities, along

the lines of Sprint’s Game Lobby in the US, which offers high score tables and the ability to rate and recommend



Tetris will sell millions of downloads

We have got many customers who downloaded Tetris on

Some things never change. Amid all the talk of connectivity and swizzy 3D, it’s important to remember that there are

still millions of mobile gamers who just want a simple, addictive puzzle game to kill time on the bus or train. It’s

no bad thing. Although if you have friends in this category, may we suggest you point them in the direction of Tower

Bloxx to remind them that there is more to life than falling blocks. Oh, hang on…


More crossover with Web and online gaming

A big buzz-phrase in the mobile industry is ‘fixed-mobile convergence’ (think Orange or Vodafone providing you with

home broadband AND mobile). This could have implications for mobile gaming, like being able to play simple games

over the network against people playing on their PCs. It’s happened a bit in the past, but will become more common.

There are other ways that Web and mobile will crossover. Several publishers are talking about making Web versions of

their casual mobile games ?after all, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to play a Web version of

Rollercoaster Rush or Turbo Camels: Circus Extreme. And 2008 could be the year when massively multiplayer online

roleplaying games (MMORPGs for short) get their mobile freak on.?br />

Imagine having a mini-game on your mobile that lets you level up your World Of Warcraft character, or construct

extra weapons and items. Or simply an application that lets you check up on your character stats and messages.


At last, 3D gaming will take off

In 2006, phones proved they were up to the task of running 3D games. This will continue in 2008, as more people

upgrade their phones to find that they’ve actually got a pretty powerful games machine in their pocket, even if they

didn’t explicitly ask for it.

Besides Nokia’s next-gen N-Gage, there’s been a lot of talk within the mobile games industry about ‘native’ gaming

?games which use the raw power of your mobile’s innards rather than running on top of the Java platform. If you’ve

got a Symbian or Windows Mobile handset, for example, there’ll be more and better games coming out in glorious 3D

for it.

However, we’d offer a warning. 3D mobile games will only be as good as their control systems. We’d like to see

handset manufacturers paying more attention to including features that improve gaming ?better joysticks for example,

or button layouts that support landscape gaming (holding your phone sideways). Sony Ericsson has been good at this

in the past, but we hope its rivals do likewise. And in the meantime, mobile developers should continue to refine

their control systems to ensure that mobile 3D can still mean one-thumb gaming.


Flash Lite will make an impact

Slowly but surely, the Flash technology that powers so many Web games is making its way into phones. Apparently over

115 million handheld devices now have the technology inside. Developers are already creating attractive-looking

games that use Flash Lite, although so far there’s been no easy way to get hold of them, unless you’re a tech-head

or a developer yourself.

We expect this to change in 2008, although it remains to be seen whether the mobile operators will start selling

Flash Lite games on their portals, and if so, how they’ll be priced compared to regular games. Meanwhile, Flash Lite

could be the technology that kickstarts viral advertising games on mobile, just as Flash has on the Web.

Mobile game audio finally gets some props

Does anyone actually play mobile games with the sound turned on? Well, more people than you’d think. While we often

quote the train / bus idea (ahem, like in Point 5), industry research shows that many mobile gamers play at home. As

publishers realise this, they may well put more into their audio budgets, to make sure mobile games sound as good as

they look.

Another trend that’ll be important in 2008 is the rise of music phones. We’ll spare you the ‘phones are killing the

iPod’ rhetoric that’s spouted by an increasing number of mobile manufacturers. But suffice to say, music handsets

come with earphones, which you’re likely to carry around with you. And in that case, why wouldn’t you play games

with the sound turned on, even in public?

In 2008, Pocket Gamer will be making an effort to mention the sound in every mobile game review we publish, to take

these twin trends into account.


More camera and LBS games

Bit of a catch-all point, this one. But behind-the-scenes technical improvements mean that on the latest handsets,

mobile games can take advantage of other phone features more easily.?br />

For example, the cameras. 2006 saw a few examples of snap-happy games, such as Brain Genius, 3D Tilt-a-World and

Foto Fighter. More developers and publishers will look to include camera features in 2008, for sure.

Then there’s location-based games ?something that’s been hyped in the past, with little resulting from it here in

Europe. A key trend is that more mobile phones in 2008 will come out with GPS built-in. It’ll mainly be used for

navigation and mapping applications, but in theory it can be used for gaming too.

Is there a future for a GPS-related mobile game involving hundreds of players chasing each other round the streets?

Realistically, no. But location data could be used in other ways ?bringing the real world around you into games,

even if it doesn’t involve other players directly. How? That’s what we’re hoping to find out in 2008…



Story of a Gurdwara in Sikkim

Story of a Gurdwara in Sikkim

By Dalvinder Singh (Grewal) Monday, December 02, 2002 – 12:00 AM GMT+=

A group =
consisting of Sardar Harbhajan Singh (Setia) and fourteen other Sikh dev=
otees from Delhi returned last March after a visit to Gurdwara Guru Dong=
mar in North Sikkim.

Gurdwara Nanaklama,SikkimThis picture sh=
ows tree grown in shape of stick believed to have been dug by Guru Nanak=
when he visited the place Chungthang in Sikkim.Picture taken=
by Jaspreet Singh in around 2002.

Guru Dongmar is a=
lake at a height of 18,000 feet alongside a glacial peak known by the s=
ame name. The lake remains frozen most of the year due to heavy snowfall=
for almost six months each year. Guru Nanak visited the place during hi=
s third udasi in order to solace the Karma-pa Nying-ma-pa sects then bei=
ng hounded out from Tibet by the Ge-lug-pa sect. Many from the Karma-pa =
Nying-ma-pa sect were the followers of Guru Nanak, as their Head Lamas b=
ecame Guru Nanak’s followers in Kailash Mansarovar area after being impr=
essed by Guru Nanak’s discussions with the famous Sidhas of the age. The=
se sects had fled from Tibet to the Himalayan belt of Northern India, wh=
ich included Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttra-Khand, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhuta=
n and Arunachal Pradesh.

Records show that during his journeys to=
the Himalayas and the Far East, including China, Guru Nanak visited all=
these states around 1516 AD. This itinerary is found recorded in Janam =
Sakhee Bhai Bala; Janam Sakhee Walait Wali; Janam Sakhee Meharban; Janam=
Sakhee B-40; Suchak Parsang by Bhai Behlo; Mahima Parkash by Baba Sarup=
Chand; Parchian Sewa Das; Nanak Prakash by Bhai Santokh Singh; Nanak Pa=
rkash, Twarikh Guru Khalsa and Gurdham Prakash by Gyani Gian Singh; Guru=
Khalsa Twareekh by Giani Lal Singh (Sangrur); Jeevan Charit Guru Nanak =
Dev ji by Dr. Trilochan Singh; Travels of Guru Nanak by Dr. Surinder Sin=
gh (Kohli); Atlas of Travels of Guru Nanak by Dr Fauja Singh and Kirpal =
Singh; Guru Nanak’s Travels to Himalayan and East Asian Region by Dr. Da=
lvinder Singh (Grewal) (the author), and a host of other researchers. Th=
ough Janamsakhis and other contemporary material are vague about the nam=
es of the places, yet they are specific about Al-Lachen Bhutan Des which=
are specially mentioned in these Janamsakhis.

Gurdwara Nanaklama, Sikkim This is a picture of gurdwara =
CHUNGTHANG Sikkim India where locals hang scriptures along=
with Nishan sahib in prayer in bodhic style.It is believed guru nank de=
v ji visited this place and dug his walking stick at a place there ; whe=
re stick has grown into a tree which has trunk in stick shape and leaves=
are below the rounded trunk which looks like handle of stick.An amrit k=
und was also made to appear there by Guruji .Place was visited by chance=
by S. Jaspreet singh who shot this picture in year around 2002, while t=
ouring Sikkim on way to Kanchanchanga base camp.

The local people of the area and Lamas of Karma-pa Nying-ma-pa Sect=
confirm Guru Nanak’s visit to these areas. The Lamas from these areas h=
ave been visiting Golden Temple, Amritsar, regularly to pay obeisance to=
their beloved Guru Rimpoche, Guru Nanak, also known as Nanak Lama in th=
eir areas. Guru Nanak’s footprints, a robe and a water-carrying utensil =
(kamandal) are preserved in Lachen Gompha, Sikkim, commemorating his vis=
it to the place.

After his visit to Kailash-Mansarovar, Guru Nana=
k returned along Kali River and went to Nepal, where an ancient Gurdwara=
at Kathmandu, on the bank of river Bishnumati commemorates his visit. V=
isiting various religious places in Nepal, he crossed over to Tibet thro=
ugh Nanak-la pass and reached Sakya monastery. The earlier king of Tibet=
from Karma-pa Sect was, by then, deposed by the Ge-lug-pa sect but was =
still holding on to this monastery. Guru Nanak helped Trasung Deochung r=
econstruct this monastery. Trasung Deochung honoured him with a robe tha=
t is preserved in Lachen Gompha.

From Tibet, Guru Nanak entered S=
ikkim through Chhorten-Nyi-ma-la. Passing through Dolma Sampa and Tongpe=
n, he entered Muguthang valley where he visited Kedang, Bendu, Sherang, =
Lyingka, and Muguthang. He went through Naku la and Lawu Gompha and reac=
hed plateau area around Guru Dongmar.

In this plateau the yak gra=
zers approached Guru Nanak with a request, that: “they do not find water=
in winter as it gets frozen all over, temperature falling down to minus=
35 degrees.” The Guru (Guru Nanak) hit the perpetually snow-covered Gur=
u Dongmar Lake with his stick to provide water to the grazers. The ice m=
elted giving way to crystal clear water. Since then the water of the lak=
e is stated to never freeze. The lake and the hill feature atop came to =
be known as Gurudongmar Lake and hill respectively. The same names are f=
ound recorded in the ancient maps prepared by the British in nineteenth =

Some grazers projected another problem to Guru Nanak. Du=
e to the effect of altitude, their virility was affected. They requested=
the Guru to do something about it. Guru Nanak blessed the lake, saying,=
” Whosoever takes the water of this lake will gain virility and strength=
and will be blessed with children.” The people of the area have firm fa=
ith in Guru’s words and consider the water of the lake as nectar. A Gurd=
wara was constructed in eighties to commemorate Guru Nanak’s visit to th=
e place. We used to trek to Gurudongmar then, after traveling from Chung=
thang on foot, covering the distance in six days.

The Gurdwara wa=
s constructed after full inquiries from head lamas of Buddhist monitorie=
s (gomphas) at Fudong, Chungthang, Lachen, Lachung and Thangu and all th=
e local people, and with their active help.

From Gurudongmar, Gur=
u Nanak went to Thangu, Lachen, Chungthang, Lachung, Yumthang and Pyakoc=
hin. At Chungthang a gurdwara, a tree grown out of Guru’s stick=
, footprints of the Guru, a spring, and the rice-fields blessed by Guru =
Nanak commemorate Guru Nanak’s visit. At Pyakochin, an engraving on ston=
e, in Gurmukhi script, was earlier preserved to commemorate the visit of=
Guru Nanak. From Pyakochin the Guru is stated to have crossed over to C=
humbi Valley through Ghora-la, en-route to Bhutan.

This author cr=
osschecked the above details given by various lamas from over fifty elde=
rly people of the area. Lachen lama even promised to show the old record=
s preserved with him that had an account of Guru Nanak’s visit to the ar=
ea. Staying as an Observation Post Officer at the height adjoining the l=
ake, for over three months in 1987 and later in other areas adjoining, t=
he author oversaw the development of the Gurdwara. People from all relig=
ions thronged the lake and the Buddhists had their regular fair on the l=
ake. They always paid obeisance at the Gurdwara with reverence. There wa=
s no question of any ill will. A Hindu temple was constructed in 1989 to=
uching the Gurdwara, but was removed soon after mutual consultations. Th=
ereafter everything remained cordial till 1994, as regularly watched by =
this author, who was operative in Sikkim and remained in touch with the =
Gurdwara till then. Later too, groups of Sikh pilgrims inspired by this =
author kept on visiting the gurdwara yearly without caring for the great=
hardships they had to face during the travel. They had all the goodwill=
of the local people and have sweet remembrance of their treatment.


A Problem, however, started cropping up only after 1998. The Sikkim G=
overnment and the Army refused to allow visits by pilgrims to the Gurdwa=
ra for reasons best know to themselves, as in the telegram and the lette=
r refusing permission to the Sikh pilgrims to visit Gurudongmar. They ga=
ve no reasons! Now the sudden changes in the cultural traits of the Gurd=
wara smacks of ill intentions of some people at the helm of affairs, pla=
ying games with the faith of the people.

Read full article at


Opera Mini V4.0.9800 Final ENG

[12-Dec-07] – Opera Mini V4.0.9800 Final ENG Iconos Cambiados (3 different Icon)

Opera Mini V4.0.9800 Final ENG Iconos Cambiados (3 different Icon)

Final! Opera Mini V4.0.9800(in english) with changed icon! Three different icons to your choice: operamini with icon of firefox, operamini with icon of internet explorer and operamini with icon “i”


Password:  http://www.SymbianGalaxy.Org

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rar Opera Mini Iconos Cambiados.rar (321.9 KB)


3000 javascripts mods and hacks

3000 javascripts mods and hacks
* Ad Management
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* Calendars
* Chat Scripts
* Classified Ads
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* Contests and Awards
* Countdowns
* Counters
* Customer Support
* Database Tools
* Date and Time
* Development Tools
* Discussion Boards
* Documents
* E-Commerce
* Education
* Email Systems
* Error Handling
* Exchanges
* FAQ and Knowledgebase
* File Manipulation
* Financial Tools
* Flash and PHP
* Form Processors
* Games and Entertainment
* Graphs and Charts
* Groupware Tools
* Guestbooks
* Healthcare
* Image Galleries
* Image Handling
* Interactive Stories
* Link Checking
* Link Indexing
* Mailing List Managers
* Multimedia
* Music Libraries
* Networking Tools
* News Publishing
* Organizers
* Polls and Voting
* Portal Systems
* Postcards
* Quote Display
* Randomizing
* Redirection
* Reviews and Ratings
* Search Engines
* Security Systems
* Server Management
* Site Mapping
* Site Navigation
* Site Recommendation
* Software Repository
* Tests and Quiz
* Top Sites
* Unsorted
* URL Submitters
* Usenet Gateway
* User Authentication
* User Management
* Vertical Markets
* WAP and WML
* Web Fetching
* Web Hosting Tools
* Web Rings
* Web Search
* Web Traffic Analysis
* XML and PHP

and many more

[ISO] 3000 Javascript | 3 MB – Unzipped 16 MB


Tons of Free Ebooks links & forums

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How to Tweak Ubuntu

Howto Tweak Ubuntu

This tool is for ubuntu which makes it easy to change hidden system and desktop settings.Ubuntu Tweak is only for GNOME desktop environment.This is still under heavy development and very good utility for ubuntu users.

Ubuntu Tweak Features

  • GNOME Session Control
  • Show/Hide and Change Splash screen
  • Show/Hide desktop icons or Mounted Volumes.
  • Show/Hide/Rename Computer, Home, Trash icon or Network icon
  • Use Home Directory as Desktop
  • Compiz Fusion settings, Screen Edge Settings, Window Effects Settings.
  • GNOME Panel Settings.
  • Nautilus Settings.
  • Advanced Power Management Settings.
  • System Security Settings.

Install Ubuntu Tweak

First you need to download ubuntu tweak from the following options

for i386 users download from here

For AMD64 users download from here

Download ubuntu tweak using the following command


Now you have .deb package install this package using the following command

sudo dpkg -i ubuntu-tweak_0.2.0-1_i386.deb

This will complete the installation

Using Ubuntu Tweak

If you want to open Ubuntu Tweak go to Applications—>System Tools—>Ubuntu Tweak

Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen

Now we will see one by one option

Startup Configuration

Here you can set session settings,change the splash screen

Desktop Configuration

Here you can change the desktop icons and other options relationg to the desktop

Desktop Icons

Compiz Fusion



System Configuration

Here you can configure power management and other hardware settings

Security Configuration

Here you can configure the system security options

Applications configuration

Here you can configure commonly used applications

Ubuntu Tweak Version Details

Project home page check here


MobieGenie 1.00 – Answering Machine + Blacklist + More (Offical Nokia Release)

MobiGenie is one of the most valuable utilities for any mobile phone user. With MobiGenie, you can manage your mobile phone world by a lot of integrated features, such as (answer machine, caller locator, SMS auto-reply, caller block,… etc).

Tested on N95 – Should work on all 240X320 3rd edition devices.

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MobieGenieE65_v_1_00_signed.rar (632.4 KB)