PullFace J2ME camera software

PullFace J2ME camera software
Camera phone creativity!

PullFace makes the photos on your camera phone elastic! You can stretch and mould them in any way you like, as shown by the images above.

Easy to use

Just start using it! If you should ever be in doubt about what to do, an online help will appear as soon as you let go of the buttons.

Save resulting images
Save your PullFace-images and use them like any other images on the phone: send by MMS, mail, use as wallpaper …

Creative and captivating
Although small and simple, PullFace allows for great creative freedom. You can improve your skills and find new and funnier ways to play with different images and motifs
Attached Files ISO_8859_1____PullFace.zip (188.7 KB, 41 views)

source: http://www.symbiangalaxy.org/f39/pullface-j2me-camera-software-7362.html


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