KD Player 0.8.9 new !! English Version

KD Player 0.8.9 new !! English Versionhttp://www.easter-eggs.net.ru/Others…_Orange_EN.png

new in v0.8.9

1. Added partial support for some phones Siemens / Benq-Siemens (work with the keyboard, opening files)

2. Added partial support of some Motorola phones (work with the keyboard, opening files)

3. Added AlbumArt reading of ID3- tag mp3- files

4. Added reading ID3v2- tags (in encoded win1251, UTF-8, UTF16)

5. Added option for cleaning music library is useful in the event of errors in the annex and the release of employee seats in the memory device

6. Optimized Work menu and reading bitrate for faster work applications

7. Bug reading bitrate on some mp3- files

8. Bug access to the disk file system on some models

9. A bug in determining the size of the screen for a few phones

10. Fixed shortcomings in the completion of applications for Nokia phones when installing skins (now an error, rather than a window “Error applications”)

11. Bug reading M3U- playlists for a few phones

12. Bug “Open run error …”

13. Fixed other small defect in the code

KD Player 240×320

KD Player 208×208

KD Player 176×220

KD Player 128×160



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