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34 thoughts on “Tons of Free Ebooks links & forums

  1. King’s Bounty: The Legend is an adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and role-playing elements.


    Remakes are a tricky business. It’s always tempting to update a beloved property from the past so a new generation can appreciate it. But how much can you modernize without losing what made the original so compelling? Do it right and you get the new “Battlestar Galactica.” Do it wrong and you end up with “Godzilla” starring Matthew Broderick. Russian developers Katauri Interactive took just such a risk when they embarked on a labor of love to resurrect New World Computing’s classic King’s Bounty and thankfully the resulting title, King’s Bounty: The Legend, is far more “Battlestar” than “Godzilla.”

    The basic premise of King’s Bounty: The Legend is standard-issue fantasy. There’s a magical kingdom run by a noble king named Mark who has a beautiful daughter who apparently fell from the stars. Despite Mark being all good and nice and stuff, the kingdom has fallen on some difficult times as the number of bandit attacks and monster sightings has gone up in recent months. It’s up to the player, a new hero and recent graduate of the Darion Temple, to head out into the world, fight a gazillion assorted monsters, loot everything that’s not nailed down, track down the source of this new evil and blast it to smithereens in the name of truth, justice and all that stuff.
  2. FIFA Manager 09 gives you full control over the management of a football club and features new lineups and tactics.


    EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 gives football fans full control over the management of their clubs. Whether founding a club, becoming a national coach, or finally leading their favourite club to international glory, all options are open to players in the EA SPORTS football management simulation for PC. The game contains all areas of club management, from signing new players to training to extending stadiums.

    A central element of EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 is the matchday itself. The 3D mode offers new improvements, particularly in the areas of graphics, sound and AI. The new, fully customisable user interface in 3D mode gives players direct access to substitutions, tactical changes, and statistics. The text mode has been completely revamped and now features a unique mixture of traditional live commentary and an Internet live ticker. Lots of exciting and informative tools create a high level of transparency and atmosphere.

    Other major features of EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 are the line-up and tactics sections. Various new team and single-player options offer endless possibilities for every type of coach. New features include a youth transfer market and match prediction tool. Players can put teams together freely and even assign form and fitness values to single players. This allows matches in the real world of football to be simulated under very realistic conditions in order to predict the outcome of a match.


    Featuring licensed league, club and player data from 33 countries, EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 has a comprehensive player data bank containing over 1,500 clubs and more than 25,000 players, with over 7,000 original player photos included in the game. Other players can be added by using the editor tool.
  3. Hi. I on numerous occasions scan this forum. This is the oldest period unqualified to ask a query.
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  4. Hello

    Today turn PC and look that my Qip don’t have contact list, It is very bad. ūüė¶
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    Who have this problem?

    Please advise I can’t send message to my uncle. ūüė¶

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  8. Hi

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    Also please provide some suggestion for which type as well.
    thanks very much

  9. Hi All!

    I’m brand new to this forum & just wanted to introduce myself and say “hello”.

    For once a good forum with colors that I can read – which truly is a refreshing change!

    I’m here to learn and get involved. How would I best get involved?

    Bye For Now!

  10. What’s up? Been just reading for a while and just decided to write!

    Umm so like does anyone know how to browse just about any old site easily while at school?

  11. Wazzup! Bored between classes here so decided to introduce myself.

    Umm so like does anyone know how to browse just about any site easily while at school?

  12. Googled and found this one better

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    Planet PDF – Search Planet PDF
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  13. Hi

    Ive been trading forex for quite a time now. Ive learned from many sources and hold register roughly forex programs that could
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    Thusly, I was wondering if any of you could inform me to a salutary one.

    Also please support few proposal for which identify as advisable.
    thanks real often

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