So….some people think i stole these from another site errrr wrong!!! if you are a member of JCXP or AeroXP you will know that someone called shooter posted these HA!! pissed on your bomb fire and he stated that i could upload and post them on my blog sooo…STFU idiots. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are offically online everyone come get them
The Files are Seperated in to 3 Parts, each part isnt not linked so you can download part 1 and you wont need the others to extract the first part.
Part 1 Contains:
> Minesweeper fix
> Minesweeper
> Freecell
> Hearts
> Inkball
> Vista.Emulation.dll
Part 2 Contains:
> Shanghi
> Solitaire
> Spider Solitaire
Part 2 Contains:
> Purble Place
Just click on the games to play, they will automatically create “Microsoft Games” in your PROGRAM FILES, and will add a shortcut to your start menu under Vista_Games so when you want to play them again you don’t have to keep running them where you saved them. Make sure you have Vista.Emulation.DLL in the c:\windows\system32 folder other wise these will not work
To make Minesweeper work:
Extract minesweeper.bat in the directory containing minesweeper.exe
create a shortcut to desktop or something like that
right click on the shortcut
choose properties
Run: select minimize
and enjoy
just run the .bat file to play the game.

ANd in the comments i found this


Tweak37 September 22, 2007 at 6:32 pm

For people having trouble running Inkball:
– if you click the executable and nothing seems to hapen: install journalviewer


– If you get an error report, just double click again. (without closing the windows that open) If you do this right it should work perfectly!


27 thoughts on “Play VISTA GAMES ON XP!

  1. Is Purble Pairs included in this download? I only have the other two games. Thank you, by the way!!! Purble Pairs is my favorite, and my son’s also. I can’t seem to find out if I am missing that one or if the download file is missing that game. Thanks!

    1. even i’m searching for purble pairs. thts my favourite tooooooo.
      if anyone has the same for XP plz send across.
      thank you very much.

  2. Well, everybody i just want to add alternative links here/as more options or at least just for the info here:

    Download latest fixed version of Vista Games beta and RTM ported to Windows Xp and Server 2003 completely (4shared directory link): Original Vista Freecell, Mahjong/Shanghai, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Hearts, Purble Place, Mineweesper, Inkball + original Vista Ultimate Texas Hold’em for Xp + Latest Brutal Chess (Best alternative for Chess Titan on Xp)+ original Vista Inkball SP1 for Xp (required Alky) + Tablet PC 2005 Inkball for Xp (nearly similar with Vista version, not required Alky) Window Journal Viewer (as prerequisite for Inkball can be downloaded without WGA/Windows Genuine Advantage validation here)-> Usually not required if you already have Office Suite/Onenote 2003/2007 though + Latest Alky for Vista Applications and Games on Xp/2003 (i have removed ugly “Oct 4 2005″ from the title bar of some of these Vista games too!, “fixed” binary info from Oberon to MS etc) some GUI etc:

    To know that how to install/run original Vista Games RTM (Inkball and Hold’em), as well as Vista Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes which required Alky/VAIO with Vista Serial on Windows Xp etc:

    Windows 7 games for Xp: So far the games in latest Windows 7 Beta is similar with Vista’s (except the internet versions/MSN e.g Internet Backgammon, Checkers, Spades), not sure about the final version/RTM or higher. Don’t worry you can also play them on Xp desktop online/offline by going to MSN online games: -> Requires min Xp SP2/3 and IE 6 SP1/IE 7/IE 8:

    – Internet BackGammon:

    – Internet Checkers:

    – Internet Spades:

    Download the free offline versions (Bicycle Games demos – Microsoft Games Studios) of them:

    – Download Offline Backgammon & Checkers:

    – Download Offline Spades:

    That’s all by far. Hope they can be useful especially for Xp and 2003 users here or at least just FYI hehe. – Regards and Long Live Xp! Cya…

  3. Hey
    i am looking for a link to purble place and cannot find one anywhere, any suggestion would be great and not rapid share becuase it doesn’t work on my computer. Also don’t have strong computer knowledge so if certain thing need to be done to file walk through of how you do it would be good thanks. Also wher can you download Vista.Emulation.DLL.

  4. Please help

    I downloaded part 1 and put the Vista.Emulation.DLL file into system 32 file But it still don#t work

    Thanks for any help


  5. hey i am having windows xp & i am a big fan of chess titans but i dont know this is in which windows.when i go to internet & press titans i couldnt find as i see in vista web

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  7. I have installed Vista Emulation DLL in System 32 of my Windows XP Folder but I still can’t play the third game “Purble Pairs”, the other 2 games show up but the third game is missing. Please assist me in installing PURBLE PAIRS on my XP. The other 2 pirble games work fine when the exe is played. Thanks.

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