Month: March 2008

Twelve Opera 9.5 Speed Tweaks

Sure Opera 9.5 is a major improvement in terms of speed, but it introduces some new bottlenecks while retaining some old ones.

To begin, the address bar may be laggy due to two reasons:

a.History Search
b.Opera is looking for the local network machine.

To solve this, do the following:

1.) I don’t even use history search so I disable it by changing this option to 0:


2.) To solve this, uncheck the following option:


3.) Second of all, you can get a little more speed by changing the following option to 0:


4.) Another way to speed up Opera is to disable java, which is actually quite rare on the web. Disable it through Tools, Advanced, Content, and uncheck Java.

5.) Personally, I don’t use Speed Dial, I use nicknames for bookmarks, which get me around faster. So to make blank pages load faster, I disable Speed Dial. Change the following setting to 3:


6.) Unnecessary plugins bog down opera like extensions bog down firefox. Remove unnecessary plugins by checking opera:plugins (remove the underscore) and deleting plugins accordingly from C:\Program Files\Opera 9.5 beta\program\plugins (or whatever you see as your plugin path in opera:about). The only plugin I use is a flash plugin.

7.) Sure smooth scrolling looks nice, but disabling smooth scroll allows faster scrolling and some sites bog down opera when it has smooth scroll on. Uncheck the following setting:


8.) Consider disabling Fraud Protection. I am confident in my browsing habits so I disable it. Uncheck the following setting:


9.) If you have a fast connection, change the redraw settings to redraw instantly (Tools, Advanced, Browsing, Loading, redraw instantly.)

10. Change your skin to a native skin: Tools, Appearance, Skin, Select Windows Native. This may be uglier or better than your current skin. Who knows!

11. The Synchronization option is useful, but it synchronizes every 90 seconds, using CPU way too often. What I do is I synchronize the first time, disable synchronization, and when I add some more bookmarks or speed dial options, I then reenable synchronization and disable it.

(To enable/disable, File, Synchronize Opera/Stop Synchronizing Opera)

12.) Finally, disable the thumbnails, which are pretty annoying actually. Uncheck the following: