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Faster Browsing On Your Windows XP computer

Here’s a great tip to speed up your browsing on Windows XP machines. Its actually created to fix the bug installed as default in Windows 2000 that scans shared files for Scheduled Tasks. And it turns out that you can experience a slow response as long as 30 seconds when you try to view shared files across a network because Windows 2000 is using the extra time to search the remote computer for any Scheduled Tasks. Note that this fix is originally intended for only those affected, Windows 2000 users will experience that the actual browsing speed of both the Internet & Windows Explorers improve significantly after applying it since it doesn’t search for Scheduled Tasks anymore. Here’s how :

Open up the Registry and go to :
HKEY_L0CAL_MACHINE/Sftware/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpace
Under that branch, select the key :
and delete it.
This is key that commands Windows to search for Scheduled Tasks. If you like you may try exporting the exact branch so that you can restore the key if necessary.
This fix is so effective that it doesn’t require a restart and you can almost immediately determine yourself how much it speeds up your browsing processes.

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Free Yahoo Messenger on Airtel (without NOP/MO)

Free Yahoo Messenger on Airtel (without NOP/MO)I have Airtel Lifetime Pre-Paid SIM.NOP is said to be – Net On Phone – to have internet on the phone.

But it can only be used to browse the WEB and Download stuffs in your mobile.

On Airtel NOP (Net On Phone), any kind of messenger apps doesn’t work.

MO(Mobile Office) should be activated in order to use any mesenger from your mobile.

In n0f3a6’s post – Browse All sites @ AirTel Live for Free, it works fine.

But you can’t use web messenger for Yahoo or MSN – cause your mobile browser doesn’t support it.

So, here is the trick to chat through Yahoo Messenger using TeaShark.

1. Download & Install TeaShark web browser in your mobile.


2. Open TeaShark

3. Click MENU > Go To > type – click GOTO.

4. When it ask “Allow application TeaShark to use network and send or recieve date?” -select YES

5. Select Access Point – Airtel Live!

Wait for TeaShark to load the page.

6. Once the page opens up, use your Yahoo userid and password to login.

Chat with your friends through this FREE Yahoo Messenger Trick.

I have tested this on my new Nokia N95 8GB Mobile Phone.

And I checked my balance before doing this.

I chatted with 2 of my friends through this process.

I close TeaShark and after few minutes, I check my balance again.

It was un-changed.So, I hope this procedure will work for you guys.

To my knowledge – This trick will work in all phone models which can use n0f3a6’s Free Internet Trick.

Convert your N73-5 RM-132 to N73-1 RM-133

Note:The N73-5 RM-132 is a Non-3G variant of the N73 while the N73-1 RM-133 is a 3G variant and supports 3G in WCDMA 2100 Band.

To convert your N73-5 to N73-1 to support 3G you will need a CA-53 USB Data Cable,Nokia Phoenix Service Software 2007(2006 might also work) and a RM-133 Firmware.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1]Plug the USB connector of the CA-53 Data Cable to your computers USB port but don’t connect your phone yet.

2]Install the RM-133 Firmware

3]Open Phoenix Service Software 2007 and click maintain and add new user.

4]After adding details select the user and click OK.The Phoenix main window will open.

5]Now choose file menu and click on Open Product.

6]Select RM-133 from the list and click on OK.It will take some time to load since the phone is not connected.

7]Choose the flashing menu and click on Firmware Update.

8]The Firmware Update window will appear but since the phone is not connected it will take some time to load.

9]In the product code section select your product code.For eg APAC 1 or APAC 2,EURO 1 or EURO 2.

10]Now connect your phone to the PC by the CA-53 Data Cable and select PC Suite mode.

11]Click on OK in the Firmware Update window of Phoenix.Now after it verifies connectivity with the phone it will restart the phone and start flashing.Don’t touch the phone while the flashing process otherwise you have the risk of a dead phone.

After this you can also change your N73 to N73 ME by just changing the product code via NSS or manually downloading the firmware and flashing it.

Backup all your important data such as contacts and messages before flashing.

You can void your warranty by converting your phone but it is not yet confirmed.

If you are a noob at flashing phones then please consult me before flashing.

If you don’t have a CA-53 cable then you will need to purchase it.It is available at any Nokia shop btw it also comes with every N73.

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[OUTDATED] Airtel Free Gprs Hack Via Pc

Airtel GPRS Hack


Steps:1. Download the provided RAR Archieve

2. Read the provided Info file

3. Surf the GPRS for Free

Note: Please insure that atleast 15 Rs. Balance should be there in your Cellphone and that you first use this for low DATA usage…


RAR Password:-

Freelancer – Independent Flexible Career

Freelance – A writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them. Work independently and on temporary contracts rather than for a long-term employer.

Freelancers: Travelers, writers, photographers, designers, dancers, model coordinators, artists of all sorts, musicians, voice over artists, are just some of the freelancers already working the various industries. The difference between a freelancer and an organisation is that the freelancer is a one-man or woman business and production team. Many individuals take up freelance for the extra money whereas there are those who depend solely on their freelance earnings. A good way to start is by trying some freelance in your free time or time outside work.
The ups and downs in Freelancing (Source Rediff)

Top 10 tips for a successful freelancing career (for programmers)

Note: Be good and honest at negotiation and setting expectations and prompt at deliveries. Success will be next to you ūüôā

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