Fruit of bamboo .

Two days ago i saw something i had never seen before :-):-). Fruit of a bamboo . It appeared a green round ball like object with one tapered end . It contains bamboo seeds inside . It is said that it appears once in 20 years and it marks the end of its mother plant . .


7 thoughts on “Fruit of bamboo .

  1. i just saw a nature show on our public television station and had bamboo fruit on the episode. i didn’t think bamboo had fruit either until i saw this episode. here is the website to see the episode. the episode is called rat attack.

  2. Hello, Phutse lags,

    I stumbled across your website while looking for information about bamboo fruit online. I was searching for this information because in the Lam Rim Chen Mo written by Je Tsongkhapa he says that if one does not have wisdom and meditation along with the good qualities of life, the good qualities will be destroyed, like the bamboo after it yields its fruit. It’s interesting that I found this website first!

    Have a nice day ūüôā


  3. I grew up in the woods of S.E. Texas. One day I was out playing, when I was young, and I noticed some round balls growing on the bamboo shoots in the bamboo patch where I was at. I thought it was odd because I had never seen anything like it on any bamboo before. It wasn’t until I saw the same broadcast on PBS 35 years later that I learned what it was. Thanks PBS for clearing up that childhood mystery for me.

    Have a good day,

  4. I’m watching that same episode right now. I didnt know bamboo had fruit. I wonder what it tastes like? Lol

  5. I think we all saw the same PBS program. One of the women was making Bamboo pickled fruit…almost like a relish. I would love to purchase some products made from the pure Bamboo fruit, if such products exists. If anyone knows, please e-mail me at and let me know. Thanks

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