Free Yahoo Messenger on Airtel (without NOP/MO)

Free Yahoo Messenger on Airtel (without NOP/MO)I have Airtel Lifetime Pre-Paid SIM.NOP is said to be – Net On Phone – to have internet on the phone.

But it can only be used to browse the WEB and Download stuffs in your mobile.

On Airtel NOP (Net On Phone), any kind of messenger apps doesn’t work.

MO(Mobile Office) should be activated in order to use any mesenger from your mobile.

In n0f3a6’s post – Browse All sites @ AirTel Live for Free, it works fine.

But you can’t use web messenger for Yahoo or MSN – cause your mobile browser doesn’t support it.

So, here is the trick to chat through Yahoo Messenger using TeaShark.

1. Download & Install TeaShark web browser in your mobile.


2. Open TeaShark

3. Click MENU > Go To > type – click GOTO.

4. When it ask “Allow application TeaShark to use network and send or recieve date?” -select YES

5. Select Access Point – Airtel Live!

Wait for TeaShark to load the page.

6. Once the page opens up, use your Yahoo userid and password to login.

Chat with your friends through this FREE Yahoo Messenger Trick.

I have tested this on my new Nokia N95 8GB Mobile Phone.

And I checked my balance before doing this.

I chatted with 2 of my friends through this process.

I close TeaShark and after few minutes, I check my balance again.

It was un-changed.So, I hope this procedure will work for you guys.

To my knowledge – This trick will work in all phone models which can use n0f3a6’s Free Internet Trick.


26 thoughts on “Free Yahoo Messenger on Airtel (without NOP/MO)

  1. Hi, thanks for you info. Teashark browser really browses the internet for free on airtel live profile. As you mentioned, airtel messenger worked too but there is a flaw or feature missing in supporting java script in refreshing the chat window of yahoo messenger. Thats why manual refreshing is compulsory. Hope teashark team resolves this problem.

  2. Hai guys i am using teashark browser in AIRTEL kerala it 100% worked. it give unlimited
    free browsing.To download teashark goto

  3. I have hack airtel mo in just 5 rs and just do this steps first
    Of all activate Mo on your mobile after deactivate it immediately send message on NOP to 52696 after it activate browse on MO settings now u got MO on 5 rs

  4. hi this shankar,i hv installed teashark in sony ercisson w200i. it opens all site but it does not open free yahoo messenger site:
    it shows following error:
    what to do plzzz replyyy

  5. Hey guys if u want to run yahoo messenger in cellfone then just download Yameen messenger from I was using free Airtel MO but its charge now. If anyone knows free mo trick for Maharashtra then just mail me at VISAL78@YAHOO.COM or call me at 09975859935 bye.

  6. Pls send me tricks for free Airtel GPRS browsing method for SE-K310i. I shall be highly oblighed to you for it. U can also giv any type of tricks.

  7. hello sir…i m useing teashark browser…first 5 day totally work..but after network error so cant useing browser…plz send me solution sir

  8. I have A Great trick to HACK AIRTEL Mo and is working …
    Its a 2009-2010 trick of the year.
    I have also other network tricks
    so call me on 9974041541
    and say can i speak to kishan.
    Todays special:
    NOP FREE LIFETIME and Last night I freed up MO also…

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