Posted by: phuchungbhutia | June 18, 2008

Update Nod32 offline

Tute on Updating Nod32 Offline

Note : You Will Need a Net Connection Where the Updates have to be downloaded 1st
Ok 1st Step :
Install Nod32 On Friends PC/College/Office/Netcafe
[IF you already have NOD installed Then Move On.. ]
2nd Step
Get this Offline Updater Tool
From Here
Step 3
Update Your Nod32 Antivirus..Run this Tool Where Nod32 is installed And Give the Path for Update Files 2 be created….The Tool will Recompile the Update Files and give you the “nup” files like this
Step 4
Ok your Work with Internet is Done….Just Copy these Nup files to ur USB/CD..and Paste them in your Offline PC
Step 5
Go to the Settings of NOD32 of your Offline PC..and Add the Path where ur Update Files are stored..
Step 6..
all have a Fully Updated NOD32 AV…
Njoy source:


  1. Check this site..
    This site update with every day with New Keys

  2. sss

  3. hi dudes…..
    i hv recently installed nod 32 anti virus… i dont hv net connecion in my system …i request u too help me in updating the antivirus manually

  4. Check my

  5. Hey Guys, cek this out:

    You’ll get The Newest Nod32.No username and password needed if you download daily offline update from my blog.

  6. Hey Guys, check this out:

    You’ll get The Newest Nod32.No username and password needed if you download daily offline update from my blog.

  7. Guys, enjoy the new Nod32 offline update downloader software at my blog, direct download from eset official server. check it out

  8. hey thanks

  9. […]…nod32-offline/ […]

  10. bagaimana sich cara update nod32 ?

  11. To update NOD32 offline with NO internet connection, read this blog:

    also includes instructions on how to install updates manually from a USB flash drive or local hard drive

  12. hendrat, the link to the Nod32 offline update downloader software on your web site does not work anymore. server is not responding.

    rexio, the link to the site is not working anymore. Instead, go to this site:

  13. Nice article visit for daily tuts and downloads.

  14. CHECK OUT THIS SITE… it’s not just the files like on other sites, it’s called NOD32 v3.0 & v4.0 Offline Update, and it sets the correct server up for you in your reg.
    updates every 2 days.


  15. […]…nod32-offline/ […]

  16. NOD32 Offline Update 4014 (20090416)

    updated every 2-3 days

    ALWAYS available HERE:

  17. nod is best

  18. Thanks u … :D

  19. Here is the full Tutorial for ” How to update Eset Nod32 in Offline mode” in video format.

  20. it worked for me for over a year.( updating offline)
    suddenly it fails…
    any ideas ?( i do all steps correctly)

  21. I am also facing updated problem even i had licenced version :(

  22. hi i don’t khow how to update nod32 offline.After performing all when i’m click on the upgrade icon it says upgrade to fuull version failed .would you mind helping me as soon as possible?
    thanks hamid

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