Month: October 2008

s60 v3 mods

Remove camera sounds in N73 & N82 (Hacked mobiles only)

Just came across a way to disable the camera sounds in N73 (working) (Hacked mobiles only). Didn’t check it out on other mobiles.

1. Turn on “Caps Off”
2. Open X-plore
3. Goto “Z:\Private\10202be9\101F8809.txt”
4. Copy the file to “C:\Private\10202be9\101F8809.txt”
5. Edit the file “101F8809.txt”
6. At the end of the file, u will find the line

0x7 int 1 0 cap_rd=alwayspass

7. Then change it to

0x7 int 0 0 cap_rd=alwayspass

8. Save the file and exit X-plore
9. Turn on “Caps On”
10. Turn off “Warning tones” in ur profile
11. Restart the phone.

Now it’s done & No more sounds in camera!!

Tested on my N73
May work on other phone

Offline Apps Signing Final Working 100%

Full & Final Working Signing Tutorial for Signing apps for S60 v3 apps.Tried & Working

Tested on Nokia N73 ME.

Files U will need:
1) X-Sign Setup
2) Signsis.exe
3) Certificate File (Cert20Years.cer)
4) Key File Name (Key20Years.key)
5) Key Password: 12345

Download here

Code: [Select]
1. Extract All to a folder: C:\X-Sign
2. Install X-sign by running “X-Sign Setup.msi”
3. Run XSign
4. Select “Files to Process Unsigned Files” [1] >> Go To C:\X-Sign & Select: Signsis.exe>> Done
5. Select “Certificate File” [2] >> Go To C:\X-Sign & Select: Cert20Years.cer >> Done
6. Select “Key File Name” [3] >> Go To C:\X-Sign & Select: Cert20Years.key >> Done
7. In the Filed “Key Password” [4] Enter: 12345
8. Select the + Sign & Go to the Folder you have stored your Unsigned.Sis File (E.g:Advanced.Device.Locks.Pro.v2.00.37. S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsigned.sis)>> Select the File >>Done
9. Click “Start”
10. The Program should stall for a few seconds & return with a Response “Completed 1/1”
11. If it gives the above response then the App is signed & a folder will opened showing the file as Advanced.Device.Locks.Pro.v2.00.37.S60v3 .SymbianOS9.1.signed.sis.
12. Done. Enjoy a SIS file signed for 20 Years. You can Store this file someplace safe for use at a later stage on any s60 v3 Device..

This is useless if you hacked your phone, but it might be usefull if you don’t want to do it

*Phone Hack – No PC – Do This At Your Own Risk*

I am using this method and its perfect works.

1.First, you need to install LCG.X-plore(File Manager), if you havent yet:

2.Then download and install HelloCarbide to PHONE MEMORY:

3.Run X-plore, press 0 and tick all four boxes.
4. Go to c: Try to access c:sys … It should do nothing . . . DO NOT CLOSE X-plore . . .
5.Run HelloCarbide press Options: Menu1: you will see ‘Done…probably’ . . . Click Yes and then it will crash!
6.Switch to X-plore . . . Try again to access c:sys . . . It should work!
7.Now extract and copy Install Server Os9.1 or Install Server Os9.2 to c:sys/bin/ . . .
for os9.1:-
for os9.2:-

8.You need to restart your phone . . .
9.Now you can install any ‘Unsigned’ app without signing!
If you want continued access to hidden folders then install Modo.sis . . . Do the hack again . . .

*2nd Option(Phone users):

1.Install HelloCarbide. Don’t open it yet.
2.Download Caps On/ Off:
for os9.1:-
for os9.2:-

3.Once Downloaded, extract the contents of the archive to your phone but DO NOT OPEN!
4. Open your file browser, leave it open in the background.
5.Open HelloCarbide, select Options -> Menu1. You should get a message saying “done… probably”. Select ‘Yes’.
6.Open your file browser(LCG.X-plore) from the background. Navigate to where you extracted the Caps On/Off files and copy the file CProfDriver_SISX.ldd to C:\sys\bin
7.Restart your phone and install Caps On and Caps Off.
8.Now you’ll have access to system directories whenever you select the application “Caps Off”. To turn off system file access, open the application “Caps On”.

*To install files without signing or using SignSis, download Install Server Os9.1 or Install Server Os9.2

1. Make sure you have system file access. If not, open the “Caps Off” application.

2. Extract to your phone and copy installserver.exe to C:\sys\bin\

*3rd Option(PC users):

You’re done! Now you can install unsigned apps and apps with expired certificates without any signing!

All credits and thanks for this hacking instructions goes to: fca00000



ROMPatcher is an amazing piece of code, application allowing you to p@tch the ROM in a very easy and secure way. We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to the number of uses for it.

Its the ultimate freedom to customize & improve the functionality of our phones!!!

This is a New ROMpatcher with autorun for both OS9.1 and OS9.2 s60v3 phones!


Ok guys we’ve come up with an even easier way of signing using the Mobile Signer app from Leftup , and the permissions hack.


Save the sis file on memory card, e.g. E:\crazy.sis and, disable caps so you can browse private folder.

1) Download and Install signsis app from attachment.

2) Download from attachment and transfer 00000001 file to  C:\resource\swicertstore\dat\ if the folders are not there create them and put the file in it

3) Download cert&  from attachment and transfer both files to E:\private\EC696702 or C:\private\EC696702 (if you installed mobile signer to phone memory)

4) Open Mobilesigner, and select .sis file ( press the key in the middle of your keypad to do this )

4) Select ‘Options>>Selfsign’

5) App will be signed.

6) Run signed sis to install . e.g. crazy.sis is now called crazy.sisx after being signed.

7) Everytime you reboot your phone, the OS will ‘modify’ the 00000001 file, so if you reboot it has to be replaced with the original one provided in cert.rar before you can sign the app again.

8) If you dont want all procedure after reboot then open x-plore and go to C:\resource\swicertstore\dat\ and highlight file 00000001 and press 6 then set this file to READ ONLY……….done.




1. Download zip file from attachment and unzip pack there you will find 101F8763.txt and Startup.mp3(I have attached windows vista startup tone).

2. Put 101F8763 to C:/private/10202be9/101F8763.txt (maybe you will need to create new folder 10202be9)

3. Put Startup.mp3 to E:\\Sounds\\Simple\\Startup.mp3

4. That’s all now turn off you phone and turn on  you will have new start-up sound. you may edit Startup.mp3 file but remember it must not be longer than 10 sec !!!

Tested on my N73

If it doesn’t work on you phone ,you may change manually.

1. Go to Z:/private/10202be9/ and copy 101F8763.txt

2. Put it ?:/private/10202be9/101F8763.txt

3. Edit 101F8763.txt
you will find there
[Main] remember only change Z:\\Data\\Startup_tone.aac to E:\\Sounds\\Simple\\Startup.mp3

0x1 int 1 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
0x2 int 6 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
0x3 string “Z:\\Data\\Startup_tone.aac” 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail and so on

4. Put Startup.mp3 to E:\\Sounds\\Simple\\Startup.mp3



– First Enable CAPS OFF or If you are using rompatcher then disble caps

– Use x-plore and go to Z:\resource\apps

-Copy the startup.mbm, startup.mif and the rsc file corresponding to your installed language (*.r01 = english, *.r03 = german, etc.) to C:\resource\app

– Now browse to C:\resource\apps and press ‘8’ on the startup.rXX file. now you have the hex view of the file.

– Scroll down to line 000050 (it’s 000050 in startup.r03. It can differ on other resource files. Just make sure you you are in the line where is written the path.)

– change hex value ‘5A’ which stands for ‘Z’ to ’43’, which will be ‘C’.

– After saving the file, on boot, device will look in C:\resource\apps for the Startup.mbm and use it!
– So copy some modded startup.mbm there.

I have made a vista startup, download it and transfer to C/resource/apps……..preview is here.


CONFIRMED WORKING ON N82, N95, N95 8GB, E51, E60, E90, E65
SEEMS NOT TO WORK ON 6120, 6290, 5700, N73, N80, N81

NEW!*Deleter-Python app.(HACKED PHONES ONLY)

With this python standalone app you can easily delete

Bluetooth devices (phone restart needed)

Application install log

Realplayer last played log

Firmware-Over-The-Air reserved file (about 4,5MB)

Gallery image thumbnails (PAlbTN)

Requires Python, capsoff and installserver.exe in c:\sys\bin!

python is needed to run this app



How To Scan And Find A Working PROXY.

How To Scan And Find A Working PROXY…….Lots Of People Think And Ask About This.

So The Following Method Will Help Hac_king Realm Members.

* Download Angry IP Scanner From

* Open Angry IP Scanner
Goto Tools>Preferences>Ports>In Port Selection Type 8080.
Now Goto Display And Select Hosts With Open Ports Only
Click On OK

* In IP Range Enter The IP Range You Want To Scan For Proxies.
For e.g. , Where You Will Get IP Alive WIth Port 8080.

* If You Get a Alive IP With Port 8080 , Then To Check Whether Its A Proxy Server   Then Check It In Proxifier.

* If You Get A Working Proxy , Dont Forget To PM admin And yucatans….

** 8080 Is For Proxy Port In Airtel….

** Connect With MMS And LIVE Access Point To Scan For Proxies.