Month: January 2009

Speed up broadband connection about 30%

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Speed up net connection about 30% for broadband users
If you’re using cable broadband internet try this before anything else. It’s really simple to do and it works great.
Download this simple program to edit your settings >
( not more then 100kb size )
1. Set Tcp Receive Window (RWIN) to 128480
2. Set Windows Scaling, Time Stamping, Selective Acks, Path MTU Discovery, Black Hole Detection to Default.
3. Leave Max Duplicate Acks and TTL Blank [Delete anything in those fields]
4. Lastly save to registry and then reboot .


Lost and found !

My wife lost her purse while coming home this evening .
I had passed it to her and I was feeling bit guilty in doing so , she slipped it inside her jumper’s pocket while heading towards the taxi.
When we came to the pan dokan she claimed she had lost it . How lame ! I told her to check the taxi but she said she can’t find it there . I was busy paying the driver and fighting for the extra Rs. 10 he was charging then .
The content of the purse were Rs 10000 (ten thousand rupees ) and her medicine , and her Employee Id. So I told her to go check at the taxi stand in the market and I promised to watch the red taxi in which we had come.
I told her to ask the people at the stand about the taxi no. And also report to the police if it cant be found.
Meanwhile I went to Manipal to watch out for the taxi. I returned home after an hour or so . That time she found out the taxi number to be 2543 , then after giving up my watch I returned home.
And even after 6 PM when she didnt return home called her up , and found out that she found her purse and it was in the taxi under the seat . Hooh !
She added that the same taxi brought her home and didnt even charge her , plus the driver thanked her and his luck that no bad name came to him . So handsomely done .
Thanks but no thanks coz I am facing the music now for yelling at her that moment . ūüôā ūüė¶

UCWEB 6.3 Final Patch English Ver by mannuforall (18 Jan 09)

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Hi, Ucwebians 
Here the first fully English translated Ucweb 6.3 Final version. 
NOTE: Updated New patch release on 14 Jan 09

Download count more than 4000. Thanks To all of Ucwebians 
* Its give free browsing on Air-Tel India and some others operators in world(as many users reply)
Works without any special change, if not just try with change user agent to opera. Go to menu-settings-user agent and select opera. 

It based on English server  and no Chinese adds. Also attached Chinese server version with Chinese adds.  
Released patch version on 14 Jan 2009 
Its browsing speed is very fast as ever. 
Completely new style and look. 
New enhanced interface black temptation. 
New pink theme. 
Improved speedy Download manager. 
Lots others improvements. Try and feels the enhancements. 
Its a Fully translated version. 
Here Two types of download available: 
1- Ucweb 6.3 Final English Server 
 Ucweb 6.3 English Server.jar (250.04 KB) 
 Ucweb 6.3 English Server.jad (351 Bytes) 

2- Ucweb 6.3 Final Chinese Server
 Ucweb 6.3 Chinese Server.jar (250.31 KB) 
 Ucweb 6.3 Chinese Server.jad (351 Bytes) 

Direct download links for English server: 
1-Fileupyours zip format, just rename to jar: Ucweb 6.3 Final

2-Google site jar format: Ucweb 6.3 Final English.jar
Screen Shoots:


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 Ucweb 6.3 Chinese Server.png (7.77 KB)
6-1-2009 22:16

Ucweb 6.3 Chinese Server.png

UCWeb 6.3 Unofficial Launch in English Translation For symbian 3rd Edition

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ucweb61(1) UCWeb 6.3 Unofficial Launch in English Translation For symbian 3rd Edition

ucweb62 UCWeb 6.3 Unofficial Launch in English Translation For symbian 3rd Edition

UCWeb 6 BETA LAUNCHED UNOFFICIAL IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM CHINESE OF UCWEB6 3 FOR SYMBIAN 3RD EDITION MOBILES.(-UNSIGNED VERSION) РSee the latest screen shots taken by the application. You may  not able to get english language because on initializing the file will self update, if u want help in English language, you need to copy again all ucweb6.1 !\private\a00079af\cddata to ucweb6.3 beta private cddata (Just for hacked phone).


Download UCWeb 6 Beta Translated