Lost and found !

My wife lost her purse while coming home this evening .
I had passed it to her and I was feeling bit guilty in doing so , she slipped it inside her jumper’s pocket while heading towards the taxi.
When we came to the pan dokan she claimed she had lost it . How lame ! I told her to check the taxi but she said she can’t find it there . I was busy paying the driver and fighting for the extra Rs. 10 he was charging then .
The content of the purse were Rs 10000 (ten thousand rupees ) and her medicine , and her Employee Id. So I told her to go check at the taxi stand in the market and I promised to watch the red taxi in which we had come.
I told her to ask the people at the stand about the taxi no. And also report to the police if it cant be found.
Meanwhile I went to Manipal to watch out for the taxi. I returned home after an hour or so . That time she found out the taxi number to be 2543 , then after giving up my watch I returned home.
And even after 6 PM when she didnt return home called her up , and found out that she found her purse and it was in the taxi under the seat . Hooh !
She added that the same taxi brought her home and didnt even charge her , plus the driver thanked her and his luck that no bad name came to him . So handsomely done .
Thanks but no thanks coz I am facing the music now for yelling at her that moment . ūüôā ūüė¶


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