Run Opera mini on Nokia s40(v2, v3, v5)

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Run Opera mini on Nokia s40(v2, v3, v5)

This Tutorial i have written for those who have Nokia series 40 mobiles and making trouble in Using internet based Java Applications on these platform.

Accoring to Nokia:

As we all know, Nokia doesn’t allow one to specify a proxy for an Access Point in Series 40 v2 and v3 and v5 phones (6131, 6133, 3110c, 5300, 5200, 5310, 6500) etc.

In its recent versions of the Series40 OS (v2 & v3 & v5), Nokia has removed the ability to specify a proxy server associated with an access point. Therefore, those with WAP network plans (such as TMobileWeb users, Airtel NOP users) are unable to use JAVA programs that require internet access (such as Opera Mini, Google Maps, …).

However, Nokia does allow users to create a provisioning document on their computer. This document, created in wbxml, specifies an access point along with a proxy. The S40 phone recognizes the configuration settings in the document and allows the JAVA midlet to use those instead, thereby allowing the midlet to access the proxy. Its very simple to implement.

The files included in the zip provide some sample xml documents, and the associated provisioning (.prov) files

Giving link By aritrap:…
from Here we can Download a zip file which have various setting file(.prov) and .wml which we can Edit accordingly.
But Main problem here How to Edit this wml file according to our service provider.
So Now i am going to tell how to do:
1. Download from above url.
2. Download wbxml2-0.9.0-bin.win32.rar from here(i uploaded.):…win32.rar.html
3. Now after extracting open any of the .wml file, look as:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<!DOCTYPE wap-provisioningdoc PUBLIC “-//WAPFORUM//DTD PROV 1.0//EN””&gt;
<wap-provisioningdoc version=”1.0″>

<!– This WML doc created by Ravi Mathur, Oct 22 2007 –>
<!– HowardForums username: ravidavi –>

<characteristic type=”BOOTSTRAP”>
<!– Name of the configuration –>
<parm name=”NAME” value=”Idea JAVA“/>

<!– Defines how network access occurs –>
<characteristic type=”ACCESS”>
<parm name=”RULE” value=”Default Rule”/>

<!– Connect through specified proxy –>
<parm name=”TO-PROXY” value=”IdeaProxy”/>

<!– Defines proxy parameters –>
<characteristic type=”PXLOGICAL”>
<parm name=”PROXY-ID” value=”IdeaProxy”/>
<parm name=”NAME” value=”Idea Proxy”/>
<characteristic type=”PXPHYSICAL”>
<parm name=”PHYSICAL-PROXY-ID” value=”Idea Proxy”/>
<parm name=”PXADDR” value=”“/>
<parm name=”PXADDRTYPE” value=”IPV4″/>
<parm name=”PUSHENABLED” value=”0″/>
<characteristic type=”PORT”>
<parm name=”PORTNBR” value=”8080“/>

<!– Connect through specified access point –>
<parm name=”TO-NAPID” value=”IdeaNAP”/>

<!– Defines Network Access Point (NAP) parameters –>
<characteristic type=”NAPDEF”>
<parm name=”NAPID” value=”IdeaNAP”/>
<parm name=”NAME” value=”Idea NAP”/>
<parm name=”BEARER” value=”GSM-GPRS”/>
<parm name=”NAP-ADDRESS” value=”imis”/>
<parm name=”NAP-ADDRTYPE” value=”APN”/>
<characteristic type=”NAPAUTHINFO”>
<!– PAP is “normal” authentication –>
<parm name=”AUTHTYPE” value=”PAP”/>


4. Edit acoording to your service provider specification, which i have marked as RED.
you can also edit Your service providers name(optionally), which i have marked as green. and Save it.
5. Now Make a folder in any Drive and copy/paste this wml file in this folder.
6. extract and copy/paste wbxml2-0.9.0-bin.win32 folder also in that folder(for your ease only).
7. open wbxml2-0.9.0-bin.win32 and you will see xml2wbxml.exe.
8. To run this file open command window and go your created folder by cd command and run it. It will show how to use it.
for example:
Syntax: xml2wbxl -o output.wbxml input.xml

xml2wbxml -o C:\Amir\Idea proxy setting\NokiaJAVAProxy.prov C:\Amir\Idea proxy setting\NokiaJAVAProxy.wml

This will generate a .prov file with name NokiaJAVAProxy.prov in the folder name C:\Amir\Idea proxy setting.
9. Thats all.
Now you can transfer this .prov file in your mobile using bluetooth or infrared.
Save this setting and make it defult from configuration.
Fore more help see these screen shoot step wise:

Operation Succeed.
………………………………………….. …………………………

This tut is written by My own


78 thoughts on “Run Opera mini on Nokia s40(v2, v3, v5)

  1. Isnt dere a tx editor 4 s40 wit wich i can jus open d prov files, edit d necessary parameterz,save&4wd, all 4rm my phone?

  2. hey i have nokia 5220
    airtel online/airtel nop is activated for me

    proxy: 8080
    ip address:

    pls can u make a (.prov) file for me
    and send it to

    plssssssss…….. i ve got a trick to activate airtel online for freeeeeeeeee……

    pls send me the prov file soon…

  3. hi,
    i am using nokia 5310
    i was activated airtel online in my mobile
    i want to use opera mini using that
    so an you plaese help me?/?/??

    pls can u make a (.prov) file for me
    and send it to pleaseee

  4. Hi i’m using nokia service provider is vodafone.i found the .prov file for vodafone in the proxy zip.when i send it to phone nothing happens its just like any other what to do pls help

  5. Hi
    I’m using nokia 5130.
    My service provider is vodafone.
    I found the .prov file for vodafone in the proxy zip.when i send it to phone It Says “saved settings not supported by phone”
    Pls help

  6. Hi,am charles.why is it that nokia6230i does not accept proxy prov?when i send it through bluetoth to my phone,it comes in as a file instead of configuration settings,but when i send it to other phones through my bluetooth it works 4 them.if u have any solution please send to

  7. hi. I’am using nokia 6610i..can i ask why my opera mini doesn’t work although my gprs connection is active….what possible action may i perform??tnx for giving me your expert advice regarding my problem… I hope you will help me…..thanks

  8. im using nokia 5310 & nokia 7610 supernova (both s40).
    i tried to download the file but it says file not found… plz help me.
    im facing the same problem ..cant connect 2 internet via yahoo go,opera,etc(any other JAVA app)…although my GPRS (WAP) is activated.
    my network is LOOP Mobile. plz provide the settings or upload a new file as it say the file cannot be found.

  9. i have a nokia 3110c with bsnl prepaid gprs not working.plz send me a gprs mob no-9475411852

  10. Hi! I’m quite confused as to how to edit according to my service provider? What does that mean? My service provider is Globe Telecoms. How will I edit that? Could you please mail me a sample of that. My phone unit is a Nokia 7210 Supernova which is also a S40. Thanks a lot!

  11. Hello,
    Is wonderfull to see wat u gave out wit full explanation am very delight about the stuff and 2 not make d matter worse am using Nokia6131 and i have already get d NOKIAJAVA PROXY my network is MTN-NIGERIA and i have different version of OPERA MOD on my mobile and i have, problem with OPERAMOD V.3, V.2, and i cant DOWNLOAD WITH ANY OF THIS VERSION. Thanks hope to hear from any who can solf my problem soonest.

  12. Pls help and create prov. file for me with dis specification:
    Thanks for ur help

  13. hello anybody please send me a setting for NOKIA 6303 Classsic

    service provider: mtnl mumbai

    IP ADD:

    PORT : 9401

    APN :gprsppsmum

    username : mtnl

    password : 1234

  14. hi bro.
    I have same problem with

    3 | Andy
    February 17, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    i am having problems with downloading of that .rar file from rapidshare. how am i supposed to do that????????, plz help

    I cant download too. can you give us new link, plz.
    thanx bro

  15. hi, i m using Nokia 6280,
    I m having loop Connection, i cant use Opera mini in in my mobile, can u create a provisional file for me & send it to my e-mail. Reply

  16. Please can u make (.prov) file 4 me.

    Bpl(loop) mumbai
    A/c name : wap
    user name & pasword:9773480282
    proxy add.:
    proxy port: 9401
    access pt.: mizone
    network type: IPv4

    please bro, send it 2
    as fast as possible.

  17. Hiii, bro……
    I\’m having a prob that this java .prov is not working with NOkia 6303 classic, is there have any other solution for this problem??????

    1. Dude 6303classic is a great phone i have this phone but none of all this work!! you have to stick to using the ordinary web browser… otherwise everything is great..

  18. hi there.

    I’m jeff from the philippines and i’m using a nokia S40v2 phone. i really need a provision file in order for me to use an Opera mini browser. Can you make one for me???? please….
    here’s the details of the provision file that i wish you to make

    APN : OperaMini
    Access point:
    Proxy Address:
    Port: 80

    please do send it to my email add. its

    Lots of thanks

  19. I’m Shekhar from the India and i’m using a nokia S40v2 phone (3110 classic). i really need a provision file in order for me to use an Opera mini browser. Can you make one for me???? please…. My service provider is BPL INDIA……..
    Just pls edit in ur file proxy port as 8080……………

  20. I’m Shekhar from the India and i’m using a nokia S40v2 phone (3110 classic). i really need a provision file in order for me to use an Opera mini browser. Can you make one for me???? please…. My service provider is BPL INDIA……..
    Just pls edit in ur file proxy port as 8080……………
    send it me to

  21. hey i have a nokia 6070 S40 v3 phone… i have the prov file for my phone also… but whenever i transfer it to my phone by infrared from another phone it comes as file recieved and its extension changes from .PROV to .EXT
    i dont kno wht this happend… since i have only infrared as a method to transfer i get these problems…also the file is not supported and cannot see its name in the access point section of my phone… pls help me…

  22. hey i tried all the ways to put in the prov file to my nokia 6070… but since 6070 has only infrared so i transfered the prov file using infrared from another cell… but when i transfer the file to my phone.. i get a msg as file recieved and not supported…. the extension of the .PROV file changes to .EXT….i dont know how this happens… i badly need to get those settings working… can i get the same settings using a data cable n PC suite????? or is there any other way for a phone which has only infrared… pls help me guys…. i have the file ready but just not able to send it…. waiting for response….

  23. Hi…
    …m using Nokia 6303. my opera mini is not working.
    It give connectin error. I ‘ve the GPRS settings and i can browse by pressing ‘0’ for three seconds.

    My Opera Mini is no working…
    …pls help.

    1. hi i am using nokia 6303c my opera mini not working .it give conection earr. my wap seting are activet in my phon other browsing are working in my phone but opera mini not working in my phone. plese help me .thanku

      1. Hi im using nokia 6303c my opera mini not working .it give conection earr my wap seting are activet in my phone other browing are working but opera mini not working. plese help me .thanku

      2. hi im using nokia 6303c my opera mini not working . other browing are working but opera mini not working. pl help me thanks

  24. Want an easy way to have a prov file? Using a s60 phone, use xplore hex editor viewer to edit existing prov files or a computer with hex editor program. Make sure you can recognise the ip address and port so you can change them properly. It works for me.

  25. I’m using Nokia 5800, Airtel NOP…I have downloaded Opera mini..but it’s nt working…”Operator has blocked” comes whenever I try !!

  26. Hi all, Im using Nokia 6303, and having net connection using Airtel NOP. my opera mini is not working and even no java based application is working. please help.

  27. Hello everyone. i’m also using Nokia 6303 with vodafone(india). I cannot connect to gprs with the prov settings. But with normal settings gprs works but cant use opera mini etc…

    PS: The .prov setting work great with my 3500c

  28. hello everyone i have nokia 6303 with vodafone(india) i cannot connect to gprs with prov
    settings. But with normal settings gprs works but cant use opera mini etc…

    wht should i do???

  29. Kesa istemal hoga opera mini yahoo ka main yahoo opera mini download karna chahata hon aap muje bata sakte hain nokia n73 ka yahoo opera mini kesa download hoga aap ka bara mahirbani hoga ?

  30. Hey guys pliz help me i’m usin nokia 6070 but i dont see mtnprov in kilobyte but i alway see in byte in

  31. Plzzzz anyone tell me how i use the internet for free on airtel & relince smart. Plzzz send me to email id…..

  32. Plzzzz anyone tell me how i use the internet for free on airtel & relince smart or any network. Plzzz send me to email id…..

  33. Hey! I have nokia 6303 classic set. Its a great set . I have tried your given prov. setting but it didn’t work.
    Plz ………. Can you send me an prov. file to my email i.e
    My service provider is airtel.


  35. I haven’t any word to appreciate this post…..Really i am impressed from this post….the person who create this post it was a great human..thanks for shared this with us.

  36. Friends if ur any application cannt function properly then u must go to ur configuration set<personal conf set<then change ur access point APN Airtel live,AND name NOW ACTIVE THIS.u get 100% success.IF UR A AIRTEL CUSTOMER.IF HAVE NY PROBLEM THEN ASK ME ANYTIME@07894002560 mob no.THANK U.

  37. Hey I tried your .prov files but my Opera Mini dosen’t work.I have a CellOne Prepaid Connection and my handset Nokia 6303c.
    My Opera Mini is not running on those settings,can you please send me the settings through which I can use my Opera Mini.

  38. Hello sir,
    I’ve nokia 7210 mobile .I ve facing some downloding problem like whem i wanna downlode some music then phone show problem. Plz. Help me to remove this prob.

  39. Hi everyone, I just got myself a Nokia 3110c and got in hooked to the GPRS services provided by my service provider. After that, using my phone I downloaded Opera mini ver.4 directly to the phone via and Opera mini downloaded and installed OK, which obviously means that the GPRS settings on my phone are correct.

    However, I have never managed to use Opera mini ver.4 on this handset of mine – everytime I load it from the Applications, it first asks, “Allow network access?” which I say OK, and thereafter it shows a progressing red bar at the bottom of the screen saying “Installing” and then just gives the error,


    Failed to connect to the Internet.

    Go to with your desktop browser or contact

    your service provider for

    Internet settings

    and the only option I can select is the Exit at the bottom right hand of the screen which closes the application.

    Any suggestions to get Opera mini 4 working on my handset will be highly appreciated.

    Pls Reply me

  40. Very helpful facts.. Free Download Lucky everyone I uncovered your web site inadvertently, with this particular amazed why the following incident could not came into being previously! I added this.

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