sky fire mobile browser

Skyfire Mobile Browser v. 0.85 Product Name:
Skyfire Mobile Browser
Platforms: Symbian, Pocket PC
GetJar Rank: 152
Product Type: Freeware report not freeware | confirm freeware
Date Added: 2008 Dec 21
Date Updated: 2009 Jan 7
User Rating: 8.00 (3 votes)
Total Downloads: 44,329 (7,233 last week)
Download for Nokia N73
68.09% (47 reports)
Download to PC: Download skyfire.sis Size: 2063.48 Kb
Download via Wap: Open with your mobile -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 39061
Did you try on Nokia N73?
works on My Nokia N73
does not work on My Nokia N73
source :

i have read a lot about it .. will use this browser and post my review later …


2 thoughts on “sky fire mobile browser

  1. My review –
    I tried opening it with Air- tel live but it didnt work so tried with mobile office . .
    First while installing . It showed that the installation missed some Symbian os pipe – i dont know what it is . Then i opened the app . It took about 7 sec to open then it asked for the apn and i selected mo – as live didnt work . Then it started to load. It took some 5 sec to do that . The message popped out saying that it doesnt support our area ie india . It consumed some 10mb of ram and it takes time to exit as it hangs the mobile for some time.
    it has nice opening page filled with the speed bookmarks like facebook , photobucket , Etc.
    it has zoom feature but lacks shortcuts like that of opera or ucweb . It has three shortcuts – 4 bookmark, 5 reload and 6 smart fit . It opens whole pages so it cost me 8 rs opening the facebook and logging in the tweaking the page a little . So its going to be costly until i get better gprs service .
    Hope this review will come of good help .
    Ps . I like ucweb more now considering its features and options

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