Install and play N-Gage games on N96, N78 & N82.

Install and play N-Gage games on N96, N78 & N82.
Hi,I just read a post saying that you cannot hack N96
But you can actually install the cracked N-Gage games without having to actually hacking the phone, it wasnt the easiest of tasks but collecting infromation from from the ipmart’s forums and put em together to install and play:
1- Get a certificate from
thanks to jomafi for his efforts
2- Follow this thread to unsign the games from binpda’s signature and sign em under your certificate as under:
(Thanks wajiman, you completed the hardest step). these files are still cracked but now hold the user’s correspondent certificate
3- Install the original n-gage latest version 1.10.1345
and download the Patch/UnPatch file (thanks Deltafox)
4- Copy the selfsigned .n-gage files to N96 (through PC Suite for example). After installation (Browse through File Manager and run the file) all the games appear as Trial (correct so far)4- Patch N-Gage through the Patch/UnPatch file, the games are now full version. Some games will still ask you to register or keep using as trial even after this patch. If you select trial you will be able to fully play the game. The games I tried: Simes 2 Pets, Space Impact and Poker (pocker installed fully, no trial).
5- important: you cannot install games while having the patched version, simply un-patch it using the same file; install the game(s) you want to add and then re-patch it6- If you downloaded a BINPDA release that has the game in a exe file, run the release without having your phone plugged in and the application will allow you to extract the .n-gage file to your computer, then you can proceed through point 2Voila!Thanks to all the people mentioned above and most of all BINPDA for their efforts, keep up the great work. Help keep up Ipmart guys n gals,PS: As it is indicated below, these steps can be also applicable to the othe unhacked mobiles such as N78 & N82, but I only verified it against my N96. People, please provide your feedback if you try it against the other phone models.
by rnicolas
Source ūüôā


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