First pay bill

I had to make my first pay bill at BAC, Rhenock for the month of March 09.
Name and then posted as Accountant vide Oo 16/fin/adm/ssas dated 24/2/09 under Assistant Director, HRDD.
Date of joinin 02/03/03 so the salary was calculated for 30 days out of 31.
CPF No 2009-32-01442
Basic pay 4355
Dearness Pay 2178 . . Half of basic pay
DP total 6533.
SBCA 653 . . 10% of dp
HRA 980 . . 15% of dp
DA 3528 . . 53% of dp
total 5161

sum total 11694
cpf 1006 . . 10% of bp + dp + da
gis 10
So the net payable amount becomes Rs 10,678.00
So i have lost 5k ūüė¶ ūüė¶ ūüė¶


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