Make Fullscreen apps for 5800

you can change the attributes and make java jar applications fullscreen in nokia 5800 or any other phone.

1. first open the jar file with 7zip or the archive software of your choice.

2. then open the manifest folder and then the file.

Nokia-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no
Nokia-MIDlet-Canvas-Scaling-Orientation-Switch: true
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 360,640
Nokia-MIDlet-No-Exit: true

3. now edit the manifest file and add these lines in it.

4. you will be asked to save the changes made in the archive when closing it. save it and now the fullscreen app is ready.

Simple isnt it.


2 thoughts on “Make Fullscreen apps for 5800

  1. Hi. I am stuck in full screen mode of the oxfords advanced learners dictionary which I downloaded with the help of mobireader on nokia 5233. I cannot escape through it. The other problem is that I cannot follow the hyperlink to see the word directly. Help me out.

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