Month: November 2009

Signed my 5800 xm app, finally

i was unable to install some applications due to certificate errors and protected errors but, now i am able to install them thanks to opda-cn …
i was exhausted with all the methods and trick that i could find, like using hello ox hack method- well it itself required to be signed first, then hard resetting the phone with *#7370*-i only lost my contacts, no use either. i was reluctant first to try opda-cn first so went to for the certificate and key. i got it well, downloaded but, it didnt work. so finally registered myself in opda-cn and applied for the cer/key. and i am happy now, thank you.

if you are having similar problems like i did, then do this
1. first goto
2. register
3. then apply for the cer/key
4. wait for a day ie 24hrs.
5. download signinig tools, etc
6. after 24hrs get the cer/key and then sing your apps using the signing tool for your pc or you can get the freesigner app and sign it in your phone
or you can sign it through the web signing tool ie online(i did this method, cos i couldnt wait a moment)

finally i signed my symtorrent, virtual keyboard apps to start with.

once again thanks to: