Month: August 2010

googlehacks: A compact utility for several google hacks.


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Google Hacks is a small tool which can let you find things on Google search which you are not supposed to. It’s a Gem that encompasses a multitude of keyword controls through which we look for direct links to Music, Movies, Videos, ebooks, Lyrics, Torrent, Software, Mobile applications, Torrents, Fonts and Hacks.


DC unlocker – Unlock Data card


Unlocking Your Data card easy

  • DC unlocker is a program specialized for data card unlocking .
  • It is the first universal data card unlocking product worldwide.
  • It is fast ( takes 5 – 60 seconds to unlock), handily to use and functional program with clear interface.
  • It doesn`t need any cables or adapters for unlocking. The data card can be simply unlocked in a same notebook where a PCMCIA or Express socket exist`s.
  • New models are being added regulary.
  • No need to select any COM ports, auto detect function.
  • Free updates .
  • From now all dongles have free 50 credits for using special functions.

Most of data cards unlocking for dongle users is free and unlimited, please check full list :

Latest news

DC-unlocker client software V1.00.0540
Added: Huawei router detection and unlocking by network cable,
Phones:Huawei Android phones:Vodafone 845,U8109,U8120,ZTE Phones:ZTE T870,ZTE MTK phones generating codes by IMEI,Modems:Huawei:D26HW,E150, Option:iCON 461 (GI0461,Sierra wireless: MC8700/MC8700V,Onda:ONDA M1HS,ZTE:Vodafone K3570-Z,MF180,MF190,MOMO Design MD-@ PLUS,ZTE MF635.
DC-unlocker client software V1.00.0528
Added:Phones:Huawei E2010 football,Huawei U8100 Android phone.