SMPlayer crash in Windows 7

To resolve the crashing:

1) Open SMPlayer and browse to the “Options” menu (click the >> arrow if you don’t see it)
2) Select “Preferences”
3) Select the last item in the list at left – “Advanced”
4) Click on the “Options for MPlayer” tab at right
5) In the “Options:” field enter “-nofontconfig” and click OK

Restart SMPlayer and try loading your video. It should no longer crash.

the portable version of smplayer disables it by default.

That’s really important,I used the portable version of smplayer before,and it really use -nofontconfig to disable it.
I have try several times,and get this.
When I don’t use -nofontconfig and I don’t have font cache in %userprofile%\fontconfig\cache,and I disable SSA/ASS Subtitles,everything work well,When I enable SSA/ASS Subtitles,SMPlayer stop play file and show scan font in status bar,when it’s done it’s start play,no problems
When I use the portable version of smplayer with -nofontconfig by default,enable SSA/ASS Subtitles in Subtitles Menu,SMPlayer start to play file,and it lag and creat font cache,the problem is smplayer doesn’t show it is scaning font in status bar,and before I know it I think SMPlayer is unstable and kill it use Task Manager,and when I start play file again,it still need font cache,it loops,and I think it is unstable,and stop to use it.
But if I have font cache,then there is no problems anymore.I don’t know if somebody have the same problem.I’m not good at computer tech,but always find problems,maybe it’s my false dont to work around it.
I think SSA/ASS Subtitles is advanced,it needs fontconfig to to do some advanced display features, like positioning, karaoke, style managements.


5 thoughts on “SMPlayer crash in Windows 7

  1. Also, SMPlayer tends to crash when the name of the file contains square brackets “[]”. Once you change the filename, everything works fine.

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