Deepin (linux) 2014.3 – Best Linux Distro

deepin OS official website | deepin provides a powerful driving force for computers all over the world!


The features that I really liked were:

1. Crossover- Wine

2. Dock

3. Boot editor

4. Settings

5. Original apps – Movie, music, Software center and Terminal


The fact that it cannot live boot like its earlier version, I would have loved if it could live boot especially when dual booting with other OSs that would haave been helpful. But I loved the installer, it was easy and to the mark.

Deepin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deepin, stylized as deepin (previously Hiweed Linux and Linux Deepin) is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, that uses the same APT and dpkg software management systems.[1] It also boasts a collection of first party apps to cover most the basic functionality. It is primarily developed by Wuhan Deepin Technology Co.,Ltd. and has gained notability through its success in China.

Review :Deepin 2014.3 at a Glance – Make Tech Easier

Download Linux Deepin 2014.3 – Softpedia

Original Apps | deepin provides a powerful driving force for computers all over the world!


To Pursue Perfectness and Finely Craft It

The seamless collaboration of deepin operating system and applications allows you to perfectly do many things, no matter you browse web pages, enjoy movies, do social interaction through network or do daily office work.

Adhering to perfect unity of refinement and simplicity, we have devoted countless efforts to deepin, carving and polishing every detail, thus to give you more outstanding experience.


To Listen Attentively

To collect all your favorite songs and albums into Deepin Music and click on “Random Play” to make your own music medley.


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